M204 PCMCIA Print Server

-- Discontinued --

Firmware Upgrade Files
    Beta Current Previous
Firmware none |    v5.7.10.1 | changes v5.7.9.4 | changes
Downloader - IBM v5.6.4.2
Downloader - WVL v5.6.4
Downloader - MHK none v5.6.4
  Notes: Select version links to download binary files.
Select "changes" links to display brief synopsis of changes between versions.

The downloader you will need depends on the type of PCMCIA card you have. Select the one which matches your card type.

  • Downloader - IBM
    • normal downloader for Ethernet or Token Ring PCMCIA cards.
  • Downloader - WVL
    • special downloader for WaveLAN PCMCIA cards.
  • Downloader - MHK
    • special downloader for Mohawk PCMCIA cards.
  Upgrading via TFTP Detailed instructions for upgrading the firmware code.
Software Utilities
  Windows Windows Software
  Unix Unix Software and scripts
  Novell Novell Software
  Java Java Software
  Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Software
    Notes: Check "Products" list in selected software tables to verify utility is applicable to the M204.
  Users Manual Latest users manual [Manual Release 5.6, Firmware Version 5.6].
  Release Notes Latest product release notes, supplemental to users manual [Version 5.7.2].
    Notes: If you are downloading the latest users manual, please remember that some things covered may not exist in your print server's current firmware level.

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