Firmware TCP/IP Upgrade using FTP


This document covers the TCP/IP procedures required for upgrading the firmware versions of all Microplex products (with flash PROMs), using the FTP protocol.


Upgrade Steps


For demonstration purposes only, the following assumptions and values will be used for the TCP/IP upgrade steps given below;

  • Throughout this document the Microplex product being upgraded is represented by <prod>, some examples are;
    • m307
  • this <prod> is being upgraded to the latest firmware level (current production version).
  • this <prod> uses the IP address,
  • the FTP host being used to upgrade the <prod> uses the IP address,

Steps for upgrading firmware:

  1. Get the required upgrade files for the Microplex product you are upgrading (see "Getting Upgrade Files" section) and place them on to a host you can FTP to the <prod> from, you will need;
    • Firmware binary file (e.g. <prod>.elf.gz)
  2. DO NOT UNcompress this firmware binary file which is downloaded in gzip format (e.g. <prod>.elf.gz).
  3. Rename this firmware binary file to sysfile.gz.
    • it must be named this or the <prod> will not recognize it during the upgrade process.
  4. Start an FTP session with the <prod> from the host directory containing the file you named sysfile.gz back in step 3.
    • ftp
    Note: Windows XP with Firewall enabled - Please increase buffer size to 8200 with the -w: option
    Example: ftp -w:8200
  5. Log into the <prod> as root.
    • at the password prompt, again press "enter" since there's no password by default.
  6. Change to the firmware directory in the <prod> once logged in.
    • cd firmware
  7. Change to binary mode by typing in "binary" at the FTP prompt.
  8. Place the firmware file onto the <prod> so its validity can be verified using the "put" command.
    • put sysfile.gz
  9. When done, close the FTP session. This will cause an automatic reset of the <prod> so it boots up using the new firmware.
    • you should now be able to access any of the built-in HTML pages in the <prod> and see the new firmware version.
  10. End of procedure.


Testing Upgrade Progress/Results
If you'd like to test whether the upgrade procedure has completed or not, you can try telnetting to the <prod> after a few minutes.
  • If it refuses the connection, it's still working on the upgrade.
  • If it allows you in, log in as root and execute "list sysinfo" to check for the new firmware level.

If you find the same version exists after telnetting back in and checking the firmware level, try resetting the <prod> by unplugging and plugging it back in and then check again.

If you run into upgrade problems, please contact Microplex Technical Support for additional help.


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