Upgrade Errors

This document covers tips and suggestions regarding error messages which may occur when upgrading Microplex products.

If you run into different errors or these suggestions haven't helped, please contact Microplex Technical Support for additional help.


Microplex Server Errors
The following problems may occur when upgrading Microplex servers.

"Upgrade" command hangs the unit

  • When you enter "upgrade" on the unit to put the server into upgrade mode, the server hangs instead of rebooting itself.
  • This would only happen if there's a bug in the firmware.
  • If you come across this, please contact Microplex to arrange for another upgrade method.

"boot:unknown command" when entering "boot" command

  • This error can occur after you enter the "boot" command on the unit and means the server isn't in upgrade mode.
  • Repeat the upgrade step which tells you how to put the unit into upgrade mode.
    • If this command is successful, you should see a message telling you you're in upgrade mode when you log back into the unit.
    • You can then try the "boot" command again.

ERR LED comes on and stays on unit during upgrade process

  • If you notice the ERR LED coming on the server and staying on during the upgrade process, there's a possibility that the flash PROM has been corrupted inside.
  • Try rebooting the unit and wait 30 seconds to see if the ERR LED goes away.
  • If it does, confirm your upgrade steps to make sure you haven't missed any important steps and try the upgrade again.
  • Otherwise, contact Microplex for help.


TFTP Errors
The majority of the time you run in to upgrade problems, the cause is related to a TFTP error which gets reported back to your TFTP host. These error reports are very helpful and may include:

"Remote Host Not Responding"

  • This message will occur after the "boot" command has been issued on the server and right when the server begins looking for the remote host (i.e. the TFTP server) which has the download and firmware binary files stored on it.
  • If you get this error, you should confirm that you have the TFTP daemon running on this host and that you've specified the correct IP address for this TFTP server in the "boot" command on the unit.
    • To make sure the TFTP daemon is running on your Unix host, confirm the TFTP line is uncommented in the "/etc/inetd.conf" file and then try restarting the INET daemon.
    • Find the process ID of this daemon (e.g. "ps -aux | grep inetd") and then restart this ID using "kill -HUP process id".
    • If you are using a PC as a TFTP server, make sure you have taken the appropriate steps to activate the TFTP service based on the TCP/IP software documentation.

"Access Violation"

  • Sometimes this error refers to upgrade files that are not accessible due to incorrect permissions.
  • Please make sure your upgrade files have global read permissions so the server can access them.

"IP address not configured"

  • This error might occur if you're using the download file with the last line starting with something like "C205-DLTFTP 5.4.1" and you're upgrading to a firmware level like 5.6.x or higher.
  • It is due to a bug in the download file itself but this can be easily fixed by simply pinging the unit's IP address from the host when this error comes up. This reminds the server of its IP address and allows the upgrade process to continue.
  • If that doesn't help, you may have to try issuing a new ARP entry on the host to update the entry for this unit in your host's ARP table. This can be done with;
    • "arp -s product_IPaddress product_Ethernetaddress".

"Invalid file code"

  • You'll see this error if you've mistakenly tried to use a download or server binary file with a product model that does not match this file type.
  • For example, if you're upgrading an M205 print server, both upgrade files (i.e. m205_dl.hex and m205.hex) should have last lines starting with "C205..." indicating that these files are okay to use with M205s and M206s. They will not work with any other models except the M205s and M206s and this TFTP error warns you of this.

"Missing file info"

  • This error will come up if either the download or firmware binary file is missing the security line found at the bottom of each file (e.g. "C205-ROM 5.6 14378").
  • If you come across this error, you should:
    1. Check the ends of both upgrade files to see which one is missing the security line.
    2. Grab the original of whichever file is missing this information from Microplex's FTP site or from diskette.
    3. Confirm that this original has the security line at the bottom.
    4. Replace the "bad" file with this new one and try the upgrade again.

"Incomplete file"

  • If this error comes up, it points to either upgrade file but most likely the firmware binary file (e.g. m205.hex).
  • It tells you that this file may be corrupt or has had something done to it to make it differ from the original.
  • The quickest solution is to grab this file (or both) from Microplex's FTP site again (if possible) and then try the upgrade again.
  • If you've got the upgrade files on diskette, you should compare sizes between the file you have in your TFTP directory and the file on diskette and if there's a difference, take a new copy of the original and put this into your TFTP directory.
  • If the sizes are identical, you may want to contact Microplex for help.


TFTP Other Problems

Upgrade process takes a very long time

  • The only other problem that can arise is the upgrade process takes a very long time and you seem to be waiting forever.
  • Normally this happens because the unit cannot find the firmware binary file on the TFTP host. If this happens you should check;
    • your TFTP setup and make sure your upgrade files are sitting in the right location.
    • the firmware binary file's permissions, they should have global read permissions.
    • for any TFTP errors that are reported back to the TFTP server.
  • If you find you are waiting for more than 30 minutes, you can reboot the unit and see if the ERR LED comes on and stays on. If so;
    • please see the point under "Microplex Server Errors" relating to the ERR LED.
    • most likely you will be able to reboot this and try the upgrade again but only after you've confirmed all setup steps.


Product Specific Errors


Putting unit into upgrade mode causes hardware panic

  • Sometimes the M208 might go into hardware exception (i.e. ERR LED comes on and it won't go away) once it's put into upgrade mode.
  • Resetting the unit again will take the unit out of upgrade mode and fix the problem, however, to go ahead with the upgrade procedure, you will need to leave the M208 turned off for a while to let it cool down.
  • Then you can try the process again.
  • This will only happen if you use the v5.4.1 downloader file, with the last line starting with "C208-DLTFTP 5.4.1".
  • Other, newer versions of the downloader file should not cause this problem.


Product Specific Notes


The upgrade process for these products will take much longer than the other Microplex product models due to slower processors. It should take about 15 minutes normally.


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